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7 skills that build strong relationships

Strong, healthy relationship, in which partners show respect and kindness towards each other. Relationships form a useful and lasting bond of trust and support. Here are seven power skills that will help you form strong alliances and bring more affinity, authenticity and trust to your relationships.

1.Optimistic relaxation If you are comfortable around others, they will feel comfortable around you. If you find yourself nervous, others feel it and go away. If you meet someone for the first time, brighten up, as if you are anew a long-lost friend. Smile will always be the most powerful builder of mutual understanding. Communicating with a relaxed optimism, energy and enthusiasm will provide a solid foundation for long-term relationships.

2. Listen Deeply

Powerful listening goes beyond hearing words and messages; it connects us emotionally with our communication partner. Listen to what a person does not say, as well as what he or she says. Focus intently and listen to messages transmitted behind and between words. Listen also with your own eyes and heart. Note the facial expressions and body postures, but see below the surface of the visible behavior. Feel a range of emotions, moved by voice and rhythm of speech. Distinguish what a person wants you to hear, and also what they want you to feel.

3. Feel / empathize

Empathy is the basis of a good two-way communication. Being sensitive sees from the point of view of another person, regardless of your opinion or belief. Treat your mistakes as you would like them to treat their mistakes. Let the individual know that you are concerned about the mistake, and that you still respect them as individuals. Share your excitement in times of victory, and offer support in difficult times. The original feelings of empathy will strengthen the bonds of trust.

4. Carefully thought out answers

Choose emotions and words wisely. Measure your emotions according to the moods and needs of a person. Words can build or destroy trust. They differ in shades of meaning, intensity and impact. What did you learn while listening deeply to another person? Reflect your interpretation of a person's message to them. Confirm your understanding of their message. A compliment of a man for wisdom and understanding they shared with you. This shows appreciation and encourages further dialogues with a person. The answer can be encouragement or discouraging. If you feel the effects of your emotions and words in advance, you will create a positive impact on your relationship.

5. Synchronize together

When people synchronize their watches, they ensure that their individual actions will occur on time to get the desired result. The relationships require constant cooperative action to survive and flourish. As a mature relationship, the needs and values ​​of individuals and relationships will change. Career relationships will require flexibility to meet changing schedules and new project objectives. Joint actions provide synchronism and build trust unions. They are part of the tolling, which gives a strong, lasting relationship.

6. The Reliability Act Acting reliably means good faith.

It means living in harmony with your values. Be yourself when you are with someone else. Leave the acts that create false appearances and false safety. When you act reliably, you are honest with yourself and others. You say what you will do, and do what you say. Ask what you want in all areas of your relationship. Be clear about what you will tolerate. Find out what your relationship partners want and. Being genuine creates mutual trust and respect.

7. Generosity of confessions

Look for and emphasize positive qualities in others. Humbly acknowledge the difference that people make in their lives. Confirm them to express their appreciation for their lives and their contributions. If you know someone that they are valuable and special, they will not forget you. Showing gratitude and encouraging words and actions will strengthen the bonds of any relationship. Do not forget to confirm your most important relationship: the relationship with yourself. Confirm your own qualities, and put these qualities in action. You can not form a strong relationship with others than you have with yourself. You will attract qualities in others that are already inside you. Ask yourself: what thoughts and behaviors will attract the kind of relationship I want? What single action could I take today that would empower my current relationship? Write down all the qualities or behaviors that you want for your relationship. Choose the nutrition skills that will attract these qualities. Keep a log of the actions you take and the progress you make. Turning these skills throughout your life habits, you will build relationships that are healthy, strong and mutually beneficial.

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