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Psychology of men in love: features and main features

The psychology of men in love differs significantly from the psychology of women. Accordingly, the behavior of the enamored representatives of the stronger sex does not always coincide with the ideas of women about how they should behave. This causes many problems and negatively affects the relationship.

Who did not hear the phrase "If he loved me, then ...", uttered offended to the depths of the soul ladies. The most interesting thing is that absolutely everyone has his own arguments and arguments about this. He could support her in this situation, would come earlier from work, wash the dishes, would not forget about the anniversary of their first meeting ... Each pair has its own continuation of this classic story. At the same time, men often do not understand what they did wrong, why, for what and in what they are reproached.

In the one who is right and who is slightly mistaken, psychologists specializing in studying the differences in thinking and behavior of men and women have been trying to understand for many decades. To what conclusions did they come?

Men and women think differently For a man, relationships are very important. Those who believe that they are not capable of serious deep feelings are mistaken. Are capable, but apart from the relationship, they still have work, friends, hobbies. These areas of life, for the stronger sex are also important, and even the most beloved woman can not replace, for example, the campaign for the final football match. Women do not understand this, because for them relationships, especially in the early stages of their formation, are a priority sphere of life. For the sake of meeting with the beloved, they are ready to sacrifice anything and, accordingly, expect reciprocity, but, more often than not, in vain.

This does not mean that it is impossible to rely on the stronger sex, that they can throw the woman alone with her problems at the most inopportune moment for the sake of beer with friends. In difficult situations, a truly loving man will sacrifice his plans and not just come to the rescue, but will do everything in his power to quickly solve the problem. But this is only in extreme cases, and when everything is calm and stable, he will prove his right to personal space. This circumstance should be understood and accepted. Constant reproaches, scandals and hysterics are carried by a strong gender badly, since for men in relationships comfort is important.

How to understand that a man loves As a rule, the psychology of men in love and their behavior is not as expressive and explicit as in women. They show great restraint, but there are a number of behaviors that clearly signal the depth of emotions and the seriousness of the intentions of any member of the stronger sex.

The main characteristics of the behavior of a man in love: 1) he clearly and clearly demonstrates that this woman is with him, he will introduce her to relatives and friends, while presenting himself as his chosen one, and not just a friend; 2) in any situation, he will protect his beloved, protect her; 3) the desire to provide a woman materially; 4) manifestation of care, attempts to please your beloved, to make her pleased; 5) the desire for spiritual contact, openness, a loving man will let his chosen one into his personal space, will trust


The basic needs of men in relationships According to the science of psychology, between a man and a woman there are many differences in the perception of relationships. They show themselves differently and do not expect the same from their partner in similar situations. So, from their chosen woman, men in the first place want to get:

Trust - even in the most difficult and incomprehensible situation, they expect that the partner will not doubt their honesty, abilities and abilities.

Absolute acceptance of personality - a man feels loved only if he is accepted as he is. This refers to appearance, behavior and achievements.

Gratitude - for all their actions a strong gender is waiting for gratitude, they need to know that each of their actions is seen and evaluated, and evaluated positively. Admiration and approval - no less than in trust, are needed by the stronger sex and in the approval of every act, even if they are not quite right, and in admiration for every achievement, even if they just repaired the tap. Encouragement - all positive and desired actions of a man should be encouraged. Methods of encouragement are better selected individually.

The psychology of men in love is absolutely simple and understandable. They need to be loved, appreciated and understood. Then the representatives of the stronger sex will feel loved, vitally necessary and really happy.

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