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Correction of beliefs as psychotherapeutic method of treatment of a depression

Correction of beliefs as psychotherapeutic method of treatment of a depression

Wide circulation of a depression in the 21st century isn't simple accident. High rate of life, the overestimated requirements and expectations, prevalence of material values over spiritual, social networks by means of which it is possible to watch other people and to compare itself to them, inevitably lead to psychological crisis. The problem is aggravated with improper feeding, an inactive way of life and bad ecology.

The depression doesn't arise spontaneously. Usually her roots arise in the childhood and teenage age. Gradually they become stronger, massiv and are roughly interwoven into human life. As food for future depression serve the wrong and destructive beliefs.

The danger consists that usually the person doesn't even realize as far as he is mistaken and spoils to itself life. Quite often beliefs take a form of useful rules, obligations, the everyday truth. The person aspires fortunately and to perfection, but receives opposite result.

What beliefs destroy the personality and lead to a depression?

1. Love it is necessary to deserve.

2. If I am not kind, beautiful, sympathetic, successful, nobody will fall in love with me.

3. If nobody falls in love with me, I will be lonely and unfortunate.

4. I have to strive for perfection always.

5. If I don't achieve the objectives, then I will be unfortunate.

6. The one who constantly makes mistakes and gaffes is a loser.

7. If earlier everything went badly, then and in the future, I wait for the same.

8. If I don't stick as I damned, I will never achieve success.

9. When I am among a big congestion of people, I look silly and awkwardly, and all this is noticed.

10. It is impossible to achieve the objectives if you have no money.

In recent years in shops, a huge number of books on psychology and self-development is on sale. Authors promise to save readers from various problems, to help to find confidence, internal force, to become successful and happy. However many books not only are useless in the fight against a depression but also constitute a danger. So, they urge readers to be perfectionists, to pursue wealth, the relations, recognition. Incorrect interpretation of some ideas leads to deepening of a depression.

The person who has faced a depression seldom can cope with it independently. The matter is that everyone can cling to habitual beliefs even if they perniciously influence life. Sometimes the person doesn't even realize what real reason has led to a sincere crisis.

Treatment of a depression means an obligatory application of psychotherapeutic methods. The patient takes an active part in the identification of a problem, and the expert helps him with it. So, the psychotherapist can't tell the client directly: "The destructive belief became the reason for your depression. You consider that it is impossible to be happy without a love of another person. And it is wrong". Usually, therapy is carried out in the form of a conversation during which the patient answers questions and pronounces various life situations. Sooner or later he begins to understand what became the reason of sincere sufferings.

Then the psychotherapist helps the client to define how the last can influence a situation to improve the life. If it is impossible, it is offered to change the relation to a problem.

Sometimes the expert gives to the patient different tasks which allow dispelling ideas of the validity of destructive beliefs. For example, if the person doesn't represent the life without communication, meetings and a sit-round gathering, the psychotherapist suggests him to spend some time all alone, being engaged in creative and other useful activity. Perfectionists and hyper-responsible persons are quite often given a task to weaken a grasp and to arrange themselves good rest for several days, and then to look how it will affect work. When the person sees that nothing catastrophic happens to him, negative beliefs begin to weaken.

Thus, it isn't necessary to self-medicate a depression not to reach a condition of hopelessness. Work with the psychotherapist doesn't mean that you are a person of no character or the dangerous psychopath. On the contrary, the few people can find forces to recognize a problem and to address the expert. Many continue to stuff themselves with psychological drugs in the form of motivational books and superficial articles about happiness, only deepening the crisis. Protect the physical and sincere health of yours.

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