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Techniques of developing communications skills

Techniques of developing  communications skills

1. Technique 10 to 10;

We trust more those people who are similar to us. But what if with each person we are connected more than 10 points in common?

Technique: at the time of the communication start to pronounce those things in which you are similar with your interlocutor.

This technique allows you to remove a negative and tension when communicating, solving conflicts by consent frame of agreement.

2. Technique; a gift

To quickly locate a person, imagine that you are giving him the case packed with money or keys from the new yacht. Imagine a person enjoys your gift and continue to communicate.

Now we are not going to talk about the strategy of non-verbal suggestion, but this technique will allow you to create a first impression and change the attitude to yourself in the moment.

3. Disposal of people

Sometimes it is necessary to be harsh. To let know to the person that he is not desirable here - imagine between you and him a blank wall, possibly visualize as it to be under construction or already built one.

4. Techniques of a fast arrangement;

Pretend of visualize that on your chest the sun lies. It heats you and somehow sensor proves. Feel the warmness and color of the sun..

You can guide or direct this rays to the interlocutor or on group of people with whom it is necessary to communicate in closest time, you can observe as beams of your internal sun warm them.

This technique allows you to bring the heat in the communication and begin to build quickly emotional confidence.

5. Fine tuning on breath;

The most popular and deep techniques - a rapport on breath. You can use it every day for practicing a skill.

Everything that we need - to see the breath rhythm of the person and repeat it so that the person hasn't noticed. At the level of the nervous system you will give a signal unconscious to the interlocutor that you are with him one Spirit.

This is a powerful exercise allows you to build the enchanting relationships and save families. I won't open the mechanism of why it works - you can independently look for information.

In this article we have sorted out with you:

1. The reasons why it is necessary to develop skill of communications;

2. Five resources of force communication;

3. Five techniques for development of the true skill in creation of communications;

But if you feel tension, loneliness and other emotions which prevent you from happy life, then I am inviting you to a transformational session - where we will work deep with your consciousness, inner resistance and fears.


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