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Correction of fears at children for 4-10 years

Correction of fears at children

Fear is an important component in the development of the child and inevitably accompanies it on the way to becoming as a person. Fear can save the child, but also generate uncertainty, anxiety and timidity. Therefore, psychologists should be extremely cautious in work with the child.

As the child is afraid of all new, it is quite probable that he can frighten of any different animals. In his imagination fantastic heroes come to life, and some objects sometimes have quite realistic character.

Task of the psychologist and parent: to show to the kid, as we adults can be afraid also, but only real things. For example, spiders or snakes.

What can frighten the child?


- Some case which has frightened the child.

- Features of mentality and character of the child (vulnerability, uneasiness, pessimism).

- Intimidation ("Disobedient children are taken away by the boogie-man").

- Hyper guardianship (the child feels the increased uneasiness of parents and adopts it on itself).

- Authoritativeness, threats and punishments.

- Family conflicts (divorce, incomplete family).

- Children's imaginations (the child animated films, fairy tales, movies, computer games can frighten).

Correction of fears is carried out by playing different games, sand therapy, an animation stories or fairy tales, art therapy, a doll therapy, building lego, individual and group occupations.

Importance of active correctional work with children's fears consists that the fear in itself can exert destructive impact on development of various spheres of the identity of the child. I suggest to consider several methods of work with fears with children for 4-10 years.

Magic Mirrors equipment

Will help to remove alarm,and concerns, increase self-confidence and create the positive Me-concept.

The child is offered to draw himself in 3 mirrors, but not simple, magic: in the first – small and scared, in the second – big and cheerful, in the third – not afraid of anything and strong.

After that asks the child questions:

Which kid looks more nice?

To whom you are similar now?

In what mirror do you most often look like in life?

To whom would you like to be similar?

What feelings at you arose in the course of drawing of 3 drawings.

By my experience, this technique helps to develop consciousness. The child thinks of in which state he is more comfortably and how is he feels at the moment.

Protective Amulet equipment

Also, it is possible to suggest to create a protective amulet to reduce psycho emotional tension. By means of color paper, plasticine, glue, threads, ribbons, buttons, spangles we suggest the child to create an amulet by himself which will protect him from fears.This technique reminds Dreamcatcher, a mandala. Meditation and relaxation process can calm the child and give him confidence.

Draw the Fear equipment

We suggest the child to draw the fear. Then we ask to add something ridiculous that now this fear didn't seem such terrible to his drawing. Or the second option - it is possible to burn the drawing, having spoken the child that now this fear won't disturb him.

There is a lot of options of work, but the problem of fears is solved with each child individually.

For achievement of results, in my opinion, it is necessary to create a favorable, safe situation in work with the child. To try to increase feeling of confidence of the child in itself, to encourage him, to help to cope with difficulties. Parents also have to take active part in all process of overcoming this problem and then the child, feeling of support will forget about all the fears soon.

Good luck!

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