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Panic Attacks: How to overcome paralyzing fear?

Recently, more and more people suffer from panic attacks. The feeling of uncontrollable fear can come in a bus, in a movie theater, in a park, and in a restaurant. That is, in absolutely any place, wherever a person would be. The panic attack is a marked anxiety characterized by anxiety, a strong fear of death. It causes horror, and we can say that this is the strongest fear.

To determine the onset of a panic attack, you need to understand the principle of its action. This is a complete mobilization of the organism to a threat. In her process, begin to warm up and tremble large and small groups of muscles, become cold limbs, there is a feeling of "cotton feet". In addition, the blood pressure rises and dyspnea begins, and shallow breathing. "All understanding of reality is fixed at one point and it seems that we are about to lose consciousness. In fact, nothing happens to a person during a panic attack, because the body at this moment is absolutely and completely ready for danger. He is imprisoned in order to survive ", - explains the doctor. There are also involuntary urination, defecation, and vomiting. This is also due to the fact that the body is ready to "escape", which means that it needs to be eased the day before.

What to do with it?

This condition is uncomfortable for a person, and he tries in every possible way to get rid of it: sit down, drink soothing, breathe so that the panic attack stops. Due to the fact that he tries to "extinguish" it, a file is formed in the brain, that the behavior is correct and the amount of allocated norepinephrine is determined by the situation.

That is, a person does not give up until the end to throw out the number of hormones that are needed and because of this, there is no reassessment. If a person lets go of a panic attack and she passes by itself, then there is a reassessment that the body has given too much adrenaline, and therefore, next time, he needs it less. So, the number of panic attacks decreases and their intensity is weakened, "the doctor says.

If you have deadlines at work, you do not run away and do not close at home? Here, the same thing. Only with one difference: this is a very strong fear. Symptoms of panic attacks greatly frighten a person, and he tries to stop all this. But you just need to give these hormones released. When a panic attack stops, the person who tried to overcome it thinks that he has escaped. But in order to overcome it, it is necessary to realize that this statement simply does not carry in itself any threat to life.

Suppose that a panic attack is a dog. Here we saw the dog for the first time, got scared and ran away. We have a logical thought: I ran away from this terrible animal, which means I did the right thing. Then we start to avoid all dogs, any pictures with dogs and so on. The only way to overcome the fear of a dog is not comprehension, but directly direct contact with the dog. And then, in the head begins to form a new file, that not all dogs are dangerous.

For panic attacks, the responsible structures of the brain, absolutely anatomical, involve the same hormones and behavior the same. If we avoid panic attacks, then they become more frequent.

Curing a panic attack is impossible, because panic attacks and anxiety mechanisms are physiological. To heal them, you need to remove part of the brain. But it's normal to live, go out and calmly treat anxiety - it's different.

If a person pursues a constant fear and panic attacks happen several times a day, then in these cases a certain kind of psychotherapy and medication are provided.

Who is more prone to the condition? It is believed that anxiety disorder, in general, is more typical of women, because, the alarm mechanism for women, many centuries ago, was more necessary for women than for men. Accordingly, if this mechanism is more complicated, then it breaks faster. To date, there is no clear parallel about genetic predisposition or other characteristics.

If a good doctor, he directs the patient to a meeting with "dogs." If the doctor does not know this, he prescribes only medication. "Medically, we reduce the production of this hormone artificially, but the file causing panic attacks is formed only by new experience.

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