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10 Psychological Life Hacks from the professional psychologist Lana White for today!

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1. Get enough sleep You must sleep at least 8 hours a day. Get rid of the

of sitting up to midnight for a book, TV or computer. It is better to get up early for an hour and enjoy what you love.

2. Love the lists and plans.

Each our day is unique and it is useless to live it - a crime! Make lists of what you need to do, buy, read, etc., or simply put your diary of success! This will make your life more organized and productive.

3. Do good deeds. Buy bread for a lonely neighbor, an old woman, help a young mother raise a stroller along the stairs, calm an unfamiliar kid who cries, feed a stray dog ​​- a list of good deeds that will not take you much time, money and effort, is endless ...

4.Let go of the negative from your life.

Every life is a picture. Parents give canvas, fate - the frame, society - paint, well, and we have to draw ourselves! Remember the zebra: the strip white, the strip is black. But if you do not cross through your troubles or even tragedies, then you will remain forever on the black strip.

5.Never envy.

Envy is one of the most destructive feelings.Realize your dream and not wishing the defeat of someone else.

6.Stop arguing.

Try to calculate how much time and effort you spend on wrangling with conductors, vendors, colleagues, relatives, friends, strangers on the Internet.

Well, why are you doing this?

7.Do not forget to reward yourself for success.

To make yourself presents and various pleasant things are useful. This stimulates new achievements.

8.Eat right.

You must provide your body with everything necessary to make it work without failures. Love vegetables, greens, fruits, cereals, fish, low-fat meat, bread with bran and other useful products. Avoid snacking sandwiches and overeating for the night.

9.Love yourself.

Complexes do not belong in the life of an adult, they drive you into the frame and do not let you open. In addition, how can you love someone who does not love and does not value yourself?

10 Get rid of people who hurt you.

A husband who offends you, a friend who gives you a feeling of insecurity, a boss who descends to insults, all of them have no place in your life. This ballast will never allow you to become happy.

Do not forget! You can always contact your psychologist online Lana White for any questions! The first consultation is free.

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