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How to become the master of communications  Life Hacks  from the professional psychologist  Lana Whi

master of communications

At this short article, I would like to share with you a few basic strategy which will allow to solve most of the problems in daily communications

Nobody taught us to communicate properly. On this, the most talented and worthy people inferior people with inadequate self-esteem as they always have som ething to say.

- Many people feel tension during their speech, so most of the time they are trying to escape the conversation;

- We are living in a time of social loneliness, while social networks almost nullified the healthy communication among many people;

- Sometimes from large-scale breakthrough in career, the person is separated only by skill of communication and we lose a huge number of opportunities, while not working on them;

As the world bestseller classic writer Zig Ziglar says - “You never will get what you deserve. But you always get what you could reach and deal about.”

Which factors influence the skills of communications?

In order to understand how we make a breakthrough in communication and the impact of, let's take a look at five key resources that affect the skill of communication:

- Emotional donorship;

We always pulls to the people, near which we feel unusual positive emotions. If we give people positive emotions - we become interesting to all, if we take the people emotions - we become power or energy eating vampires;

- Appearance;

Some people shy about they look. And the problem is not the way in this, and that we have accustomed to evaluate ourselves, how are we looking from the eyes of another person, and this assessment is always wrong;

- Intellectual balance;

In order to develop the skills of communication certainly need to work on the development of the intellect. But the problem is that there is often a person begins to lose the balance in the side of the intellect, as opposed to the emotions.

Do not allow a similar distortion, people love those who are similar to them, including the intelligence.

- How we communicate;

Whether we listen opponent and we ask questions, or we talk so much till our opponent has a blue face? How we support conversation - an important factor in the development of the skill of communication. To hear and listen, this is the challenge masters of communication.

- The effect of an aura;

The first impression about the person is put in the first 3-5 seconds of communication. Further we communicate with the person based on the first impression. On this it's important to get acquainted with the people and to make a good first impression.

Nobody will give us the second chance to make the first impression. So good luck with making first good impression…

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