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Typical mistakes in parenting .These are the “do nots”.

1. Dont scream. The tone of our voice is important. Use a confident and calm tone. Usually children do not hear the words and long phrases until the age of 12.

2. Do not use the belt for punishment or hand to hit the child. (You breaking the inner mind of child, if mother hitting me -than she don’t love me, if she don’t love me –than I don’t need to no one in this world). One parent kneels down to be at the height of the child. Hugs the child for a moment, speaks in a calm tone.

3. Explain him anything. (He-she don’t care).

4. Leave and go somewhere else. (Kids understand it as betraying them).

5. Do not shake, do not touch.

6. Do not be angry, irritated, nervous. It is ok to be frustrated with the behavior of the child, but learn to contain it for the moment.

7. Do not try to shame the child, Say how bad he-she is. (Aggression is grows).

8. Do not say: “I don’t love you, because you are bad, or you not like” (Mike, Lisa or….).

9. Punish, correct, castigate, and threaten. (You will make worse).

10. Promise to buy something, or propose a theater, zoo, movie.

11. Do not try to persuade, try to calm down. (Will be worse).

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