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Why do men leave without saying goodbye?

In the morning you chatted sweetly at breakfast and made plans for the evening, but with the onset of dusk your man disappeared with the last rays of the setting sun. Did not call, disappeared, unexpectedly, quietly and without saying goodbye. You just started making plans for a joint future, everything was so clear and clear. But probably your boyfriend had other plans, so he left without saying goodbye. You are hopelessly trying to find the answer to a single question - why? The pain squeezes the throat, I want to scream from offense, tears flow down my cheeks .. and you understand that you will never get an answer to this question ...

This story is familiar to most lovers. Recently, the departure of a man without saying goodbye, has become more of a norm than an exception. But whether you should blame yourself or your destiny, it may be worth trying to understand the behavior of a man and the reasons for such an act. Reserve option A man is passionate about two girls at once and has not yet decided on which to choose. One - smart, beautiful, self-confident, it is like an impregnable fortress, which you want to conquer. The second - modest, gentle, quiet, in own way cozy, in everything inferior. Of course, a man dreams about the first, but understands that his chances are minimal, so he communicates with the second, which plays the role of "reserve option". If it does not come out with the first, the second one certainly will not go anywhere. For some reason, the first girl looks at the man, and he has no need for a spare option. Something to try to explain to that, the second girl - too difficult, it is easier to disappear.

Only sex

The best sex in your life, passionate kisses, hot hugs. Your time of meeting is night, in the afternoon everyone lived his life. You fell in love unexpectedly for yourself and started building plans for the future. But what feelings did he have for you? And how well did you learn your partner? Such relationships are based solely on sex. Initially, the partners are conscious of this. But if a girl decides to build relationships not only at night, but also during the day, she should study her lover well. In such relationships, men do not talk about themselves, relatives and friends are not introduced, and they are not very interested in your life, and they will never promise you anything.

Why are men leaving without saying goodbye?

Men are sure that any explanations and apologies on their part hurt more than silence. They piously believe that the woman herself will guess and understand everything. After a couple of days, she will stop waiting and hope, forgive and forget. The correct and "humane" option, in their opinion, disappears without explanation. Yes, and women's tears - an intolerable sight for a man. And without them, as a rule, there is not a single parting. The suffering of a woman is a blow to the man's vanity. Disappear, dissolve, nothing to anyone explaining, much easier and easier. Men too appreciate their freedom and independence, so they try to avoid talking about marriage and family by any means. Noticing that the relationship has reached the stage when it is necessary to make a choice or marry or run away, it is easier for a man to choose the second option. If the man with whom you were building general plans for the future, suddenly disappeared from your horizon - do not rush to despair and go into deep depression. First, make sure that he is alive and well. And if he just disappeared from your life and avoids meeting with you means, and you do not wait any more! Forget everything quickly will not succeed, you need time, switch your attention to something else to survive this situation. Move forward, towards new meetings, new relationships! Life goes on!

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