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Physical symptoms of depression

People suffering from depression can feel not only psychological problems but also physical ones. According to scientists, often a person does not associate physical deviations with depression.

8 physical signs indicating the presence of depression:

- Loss or weight gain

Depression may be accompanied by a decrease or a complete lack of appetite and weight. Although some people appetite, on the contrary, exacerbates, not on the physical level, but psychological.

- Pain When you keep your feelings inside, they can manifest as pains. Muscular, headaches can be caused by depression. Back pain can accompany people with anxiety and mood disorders. This is often due to the fact that emotionally depressed people have a habit of stopping.

- Digestive problems There is a strong connection between digestive problems - swelling, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome and depression. Often experiences are associated with ulcerative colitis.

- Insomnia Sometimes sleep can be disturbed. Often people who suffer from depression also suffer from insomnia.

- Problems with the skin Depression can cause an increase in the level of the stress hormone, cortisol. This, in turn, can cause skin problems.

- Pain in the chest Pain in the chest is a known symptom of heart problems. However, few people know that chest pain can be a sign of depression. Studies have shown that depression can increase the risk of developing coronary heart disease.

- Oral problems Depression can affect the health of the oral cavity. This is due to poor hygiene during the depression.

Canadian scientists have concluded that the development of depression dramatically increases the chances of dying at an early age for both men and women.

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