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15 signs that you need the help of a psychologist

15 signs of well-being, which requires more serious interventions than just taking antidepressants. Here are some of the questions and concerns that can lead you to the door of a psychologist.

1. Recurring situations and events

Very often the trigger is the realization that over the long period of time you are repeating the same behaviors. Therapy can help you understand where you are "stuck" and how to get out of the vicious circle.

2. Family problems that make you unhappy It is very difficult to look at the situation from the inside, especially when one considers himself right, as well as an offended partner or another member of the family. Sometimes a sober view from the outside helps a lot.

3. Feeling Stuck Stasis in emotions every day throughout the day - a good reason for asking for help from a specialist. This state is a sign that there is a problem that hides somewhere deep and needs to be worked out.

4. Can not understand your thoughts If you can not decide on any of your next steps in life, constantly relying on the opinions of outsiders, you should talk about it with the therapist. After all, this is your life and the responsibility for it lies in any case on you.

5. Losing the meaning of life and feeling that you will never be happy again. Do not let depressive thoughts pull you down. Too long expectation that "this will go away by itself" leads to a full-blown depression that entails suicidal thoughts and actions.

6. Hanging in an abusive relationship A doctor can give you confidence that you deserve better. Will help to look at the relationship from a different point of view and decide on further actions.

7. Increased anxiety Anxiety is a growing problem. And if your anxiety or unreasonable anxiety takes you above - address to the doctor.

8. The shadows of the past are haunting you. Many people struggle, sometimes unconsciously, with things that have happened in their past. Sometimes a person becomes a hostage to these situations, and life goes downhill. The therapist, in this case, will help to overcome the fears of the past.

9. Post-traumatic stress disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorderis caused by very frightening or sad events. This condition can develop after a heavy loss, divorce, bankruptcy, loss of work, during hostilities. There are certain types of therapy aimed strictly at resolving this disorder.

10. Dependence

If you feel that your addiction (from alcohol, games) prevents you from living, talk about it with a specialist.

11. Eating Disorders (Bulimia and Anorexia)

Remember, eating disorders not only harm your health, but also cause death.

12. Problems associated with infertility This applies to women who see the basis of their existence as children, but for certain reasons can not have them. The doctor will help to reconsider priorities and accept themselves.

13. Death of a loved one Sometimes leaving a person close to you has a lasting negative impact on life. The help of the therapist will come in handy. After all, not everyone can delicately and with understanding treat your condition.

14. Serious or incurable illness The specialist will help to adapt and adapt to life in such a situation.

15. Complex interpersonal relationships Understanding yourself is a big advantage when it comes to dealing with other people. The task of the therapist is just to help you in this matter. And remember, all the problems are mostly in your head. Sometimes it's enough just to change the direction of thoughts to change the life. Be happy regardless of the circumstances

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