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How does comparing a man with others destroy a relationship?

Many women almost from the

comparing their men with other men: your ex, colleague, sister's husband, girlfriend, friend, neighbor. And of course not in favor of his man. Moreover, women constantly say that they say that he (another man) buys to her (friend, friend, neighbor, colleague) every weekend flowers, remembers all memorable dates, gives expensive gifts, helps in everything, earns more, e. And every time this all necessarily ends with the words: "Here it is, well done! Here she was lucky with a man! And what are you doing for me? Yes you can not even ... Yes that you in general can ?! ". And thus you are, as it were, programming your man for the fact that he really can not do anything. And the more often such comparisons sound, the more a man descends his hands. And the less he wants to do anything for you. This is especially painful for a man when you start comparing him with someone. And if this someone else poddaknet and support you - he immediately turns into a category of undesirable and hated people. Because this one was involved in the process of humiliation. And your man certainly will not forget this and will not forgive. No one. How does the man who is next to you feel and whom you constantly saw and reproach? What is he thinking about? What does he want?

He feels like a complete loser, because you, his beloved woman, from whom you want to hear words of admiration and appreciation, love and tenderness, you omit it with such words below the skirting board. He is worse for you than all the men listed. And this is very hard for men's self-esteem and self-esteem. He thinks that you have already ceased to love him. That you are a hysterical bitch, which is always and all is not enough. And so that he does not do it for you, instead of thank you, you still compare it with someone who has necessarily done it better, more and more often. And I would like to certainly not prove to you that he is the best. He would like simple human warmth, tenderness, affection, caring and love. And it's not a fact that somehow by chance he would not find you a replacement. A grateful woman, for whom he will be the best and incomparable. And for which he will do with joy much more than for you. Because gratitude is always a much better and more effective motivator than criticism, discontent and constant comparison. Tell me, would you like such comparisons motivated at least something to do? Now if your man constantly compared you to the wives of friends, colleagues, famous personalities - would you have suffered this long? Would you continue to love him as much? Would you treat him as tenderly and gently? Or offended and made a loud and bright scandal at the first comparison is not in your favor? Think about it very well, if you do not want to spoil the relationship with a person who could make you happy. After all, when you openly and out loud compare your man to others, you give him a clear idea that he is not already your dream or that he is no longer your dream. That he ceased to be the best for you. And this of course affects his attitude towards you. Over time, if he escapes from you, he will begin to reciprocate you. You will cease to be for him the best and ideal woman. Source:

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