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How many years of life does depression take?

Canadian scientists have concluded that the development of depression dramatically increases the chances of dying at an early age for both men and women.

Researchers from the University of Ottawa explained that participants in the experiments with depression on average lived 4-18 years less than other volunteers. As explained by Professor Ian Coleman, especially scientists are concerned that this figure rose by 50% for women, starting from 1992 to 2011.

Chronic depression is considered one of the most common and complex mental disorders. In recent years, it was found that the constant depression not only affects the psyche and human behavior but also on his health, literally shortening the duration of his life.

Characteristically, depression reduces a person's life even if he has long since disposed of it, watching for about 50 years for the health of about three thousand Canadians living in cities and villages on the east coast of North America. According to scientists, introverts give in to depression much more often than extroverts.

Earlier, scientists from the University of Toronto came to the conclusion that people with depression can cope with it in about a year. Another study showed that the more young people are in social networks, the more they have depression. Scientists examined 1,7 thousand people from 19 to 32 years old and those who sat in social networks all day were at risk - they are more likely to fall into depression with all of its clinical symptoms.

The reason for this lies in the fact that a person receives highly distorted information from social networks - only ideal photographs, only the happiest moments from the life of another person and against this background there may be an idea of ​​their inferiority and inferiority. The authors of the study concluded that in the end there is a kind of vicious dependence in which a person falls into despondency from social networks, but seeks solace there, on the pages of his virtual friends.

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