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How to relieve the burden of anxiety: advice of a psychologist

- Longing for the meaning of life

In every man, however rational he may be, there always lives a need for the meaning of life. When it does not exist, we begin to experience, in one way or another, dissatisfaction, which eventually breeds a cascade of negative feelings, including an inexplicable anxiety. If there is at least one action directed not at personal, but at the general good, then we feel built into the flow of life, which reduces the degree of anxiety. For example, start collecting batteries for all your acquaintances to take them to a specialized disposal point, protecting soil from lead contamination; find yourself a protege - a lonely old neighbor; organize a collection of gifts for the New Year in the orphanage.

- Fear of failure

Anxiety is also engendered by the fear of not realizing what was intended - especially if major failures have already happened more than once. It is necessary to accept the fact that no matter how much you do to achieve the goal, unpredictable accidents can always occur that will violate your plans, and this is absolutely normal.

Exit: with defeat, remember the situations from which you emerged victorious, all the details of the then triumph (you can write out the memories in writing in detail) - this will give strength, confidence and reduce anxiety. Fear of another failure can be fueled by frustration. But you and only you can decide whether it is worthwhile to continue to be killed over that and for what does not work. Release every day, week, month (the frequency of summing up - for your choice) unfinished business, for example, mentally placing them in balloons and sending forever to the sky.

- Uncertainty: hug eight times a day With low self-esteem, a person subconsciously awaits recognition, approval, condemnation or rejection. Waiting is an uncertainty, and it always causes alarm: "How will it be ?!"

But at least you can have a hobby in which you could succeed. This can be anything: from knitting vintage socks to sports dances in clubs where public performances are practiced. The atmosphere of support and admiration (like-minded people and not only) will give you points in your own eyes. One source of uncertainty comes from childhood - you were hugged. The fact is that tactile contact with parents contributes to the formation of confidence in the child. Why? Because he can not protect his own space, his body, only his parents can do it. A signal to him about their readiness is hugs and kisses. At least eight (one and the other) per day. Deficiency can be tried now (that will reduce anxiety, uncertainty, relieve the sensation of loneliness, caused by a chronic lack of safety in childhood). To do this, often hug your children, the other half, do not be afraid to show "veal tenderness" in relation to friends and, of course, to your parents.

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