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Seven laws of the universe that will change your life for the better!!

Every time we complain about life, it's worth remembering: it's not the world that is unfair - it's something we do wrong. There are 7 fundamental laws on which the universe lives.

Ignorance of them does not absolve from responsibility. Knowledge - helps you not make mistakes, achieve harmony and live happily.

1. The law of emptiness.

If you need new shoes, throw out the old ones. If you need new clothes, clean your closet. You must voluntarily part with your stereotypes. New comes only when you get rid of the old.

2. The Law of Circulation

Be ready to let go of something that you own to get something that you desire.

3. The law of the imagination

First, you must see the prosperity in your imagination. Do a description of your ideal day and do not show it to anyone other than someone you trust. Keep this description somewhere near at hand, and in your spare time, reread it.

5. The Law of Retribution and Receipt

If you give something back, it comes back tenfold. When you receive benefits, it is very important to share it with others. If you have a gift, and you do not use it, then you insult your Divine essence. In order to treat your abilities with due respect, you should rejoice at the gifts and share them with others. If you do this, you attract more benefits to your life.

6. The law of tithing

The universe will always take its tithing. It's just a law of gratitude from the source of support - 10% of everything that you have. You never know how your tithing will return to you. Money is common. But it can also come in the form of reconciliation with someone, with new friendships, in the form of recovery, etc.

7. The law of forgiveness

If you can not forgive people, you can not accept your wealth. If your soul is filled with hatred, love cannot find its place in it. You must get rid of the negative feelings that devour you and do not give you rest.

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