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How to get out of stress and stop being nervous? 8 steps to a good mood

Stress has become an integral companion of our lives, no matter how we try to avoid it. Or maybe it's just not worth it ...?

Like any natural disaster, stress has its own power scale. It does not matter what caused it - joy or sorrow. Incredibly, but the fact: a serious illness (trauma) and marriage in terms of their stress is approximately equivalent.

STRESS Benefits:: Mobilize the body (activates the heart, deepens breathing, etc.); trains the nervous system; has a stimulating effect on immunity.

Cons: Maybe a trigger for the emergence of depression, hypertension, stomach ulcers, bronchial asthma, thyroid gland diseases; reduces working capacity, worsens memory, disturbs sleep; increases the sensitivity to infections (in the presence of concomitant diseases).

DISTRESS When stress lasts for a long time and becomes distressed, depleting the defenses of the body, it becomes destructive. Its signs are:

>> impossibility to concentrate on something; >>increased excitability, irritability; >> speech impairment (stammering, confusion of words, frequent repetition of the same); >> a sharp increase in the number of cigarettes smoked, doses of alcohol; >> absent-mindedness, forgetfulness; Loss of appetite or, conversely, craving for overeating; >> changing the perception of time (it stretches either too slowly, or goes too fast); >> Muscular tension (jaws, fists, self-tension in the neck, etc.); >> Occasional pain in the head, neck and shoulder girdle, in the stomach, nausea, heartburn.

EXIT Step one. Learn to control emotions. Change your attitude to problems. After all, any, even the most terrible at first glance, the event can be viewed both from the negative and from the positive side.

Step two. Do not take on more than you can do. To work to the best of your ability and feel satisfaction from what was done better than to set unattainable goals and then experience disappointment.

Step three. Protect yourself from negative TV and newspaper information. Step four. Do not worry about problems. Loneliness is not the best assistant in the fight against stress. Discuss your sorrows with friends, relatives.

Step five. Smile more often. Experts have noticed for a long time: even if a person has a bad mood, the work of the facial muscles "includes" the genetically engineered feedback mechanism and improves mood. Step Six. Move more. Exercise burns in the body the excess of adrenaline released into the blood. The most useful in the fight against stress are running, swimming, tennis, aerobics

Step Seven. Learn to relax. What will it be - meditation, a massage session or a walk in the fresh air, - it's up to you. Step eight. Eat right. Champions to combat depression and nervous tension - peaches, grapes, pear, kiwi, grapefruit and other citrus fruits, red pepper, bananas, coriander.

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