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11 Ways to Get Rid of Depression Without Medication

Medications can help depression. But the type of therapy called cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be an effective adjuvant and even replace the strongest antidepressants.

- Do not be categorical The most common way to kill yourself slowly is to consider one unpleasant or negative event as the most important source of all ills in life. Especially it concerns the loss of work. Loss of work is not a personal failure, but an economic state of a place of residence. Constant fear only aggravates the state and exaggerating and "speculating" the worst outcomes of the situation is a direct way to a closed circle and deep depression. Instead of negative statements use positive settings. For example, change the setting "I will never find a job" to "I will definitely find a new job." It will take time and effort. "

- Stop negative thoughts

Surely you often noticed for yourself how, after an unpleasant conversation with a colleague, boss, a close person or just a boor in transport, have you continued to talk for a long time in your mind? At the same time, the conversation takes place in your head, but you experience the most real emotions: anger, irritation, even hatred. This all "eats" you from the inside. Reflections are good, but the focus on such situations is bad. Make an effort - get distracted by the action (washing dishes and cleaning in the house very well help), meditate, redirect your thoughts to other people or situations. Strengthening the negative from an imaginary conversation and "walking around in circles" is bad for mental health.

- Live today Depressed people usually "predict" the worst result of any of the situations. In addition to convincing themselves, they convince others of this. Let's not look into the future, but stay in the present. This is less catastrophic and needs to be corrected. Here are also memories of the past. Usually, the past is a fait accompli. You can not change it, but you can change your current position. And most importantly - stop worrying. Just know - you could not do otherwise. Exhale and go on.

- Communicate with people One of the obvious signs of depression is isolation. Intentionally narrowing the circle of communication deprives you of the opportunity to get support from outside (it is likely from people who find themselves in the same situation), help (in the same job search), and just a different view of life. Sometimes communicating with other people is not only useful but also fun.

- Adhere to discipline Oddly enough, the repetition of the same actions at the same time every day, removes fear and anxiety, calms. The point is a sense of stability, which is so lacking in people in a depressed or depressed mood. It's great if you include communication in your daily diet.

- Stop thinking in "black and white" tones. The anecdote about the zebra is just an anecdote. And life is full of multicolored colors and shades, and only you decide what it will be tomorrow or right now. If you can not add red, then at least try to think in shades of gray. Instead of "no one likes me" use "many people love me".

- Negative thoughts are groundless If you think that you are the most unlucky (unhappy, ugly, poor, etc.) person on the planet, find evidence. Most likely, you will not find them. And even if you ask others - they do not confirm your conjectures. Because negative thoughts about yourself are most often groundless and invented.

- Define goals They should be extremely simple and clear, easy enough to achieve. For example, to place two summaries or make three calls (on the decision of the question) till the end of the week quite feasible task.

- Return to yourself, happy Choose a few cases that you enjoyed, but for some reason you abandoned them. Start to bring joy back to your life. At first, it will not be easy, but with every attempt, you will feel better.

- Do not deny depression. Denying a frankly bad state will only exacerbate the situation and further drive you into depression. The state of depression is not insanity or weakness. Awareness of the problem is already part of its solution. Adoption of the disease will help you get help and the necessary treatment.

- Pamper yourself Watch how you communicate with yourself. The tone, words, emotions that you use when talking to yourself. Often we do not realize that we "beat" ourselves with words. Learn to be lenient and courteous to yourself. Frankly, the path is long but true. Yes, I will have to make an effort. But no one said that it would be easy!

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